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Ruskin Bond Books | List of 40 Best Books by Ruskin Bond

This article is to pay homage to one of the finest authors in India. Ruskin Bond is a household name and highly respected when it comes to literature. In the midst of all these writers and authors, Ruskin Bond has managed to bring together his life experiences into words, numerous times. Most of the readers have heard this author’s name, but not everyone must have read all his work. Starting from an early age, he has published a lot of books and it is easy to get lost in all the titles. He has ventured into almost all types of genres. He has written poems, essays, and novels.

Ruskin has himself stated that he was reading Agatha Christie from the age of 10 years. He became such a big name by being a vivid reader himself throughout his life. He has written such valuable and beautiful books that we all need to read them. When I started reading Ruskin’s work, I didn’t know where to start and what books to buy. I was confused as it is impossible to buy all his work. I took my time and arranged a list that helped me and will help all the people who are interested in such fine literature or rather, such fine life experiences. Here is the list of Ruskin bond books.

If you want to know where to Meet Ruskin Bond it is written at the end of the article!!!

Best Ruskin Bond Books
1. The Room on the Roof

The Room on the roof is the first book written by Ruskin bond. It is a simple story about an orphaned boy named Rusty who feels sad and lonely even though he is living with his guardian. In this book, Rusty as a young boy goes through many emotions. This book is all about how Rusty follows his heart and make good friends like Somi & Ranbir and gain confidence. The Room on the roof is a very beautiful Ruskin bond book. Buy

2. A Book of Simple Living

A book of simple living is about the small things Ruskin bond observed in his surroundings. This book is more like a journal and if you love mountain vibes than you will love reading this book. It makes good reading and you realize how the small things in life can give you so much of happiness and contentment only if you look around. I could connect with the author. Buy

3. Petals on the Ganga

Ruskin bond books are all about the beauty of nature and mountains. Petals on the Ganga is the collection of 23 short stories that are inspired by the theme of mountains and nature. This book makes you feel calm and soothing. Buy

4. The Night Train at Deoli

This book may be a collection of short stories. you’ll feel lost with every story you read. The stories will cause you to want more of that calm feeling. The Night Train at Deoli also shows Bond’s love for nature. Ruskin bond spent his childhood in Mussorie & Dehradun and this book is also set in all these places. This is one of the latest Ruskin bond books. Buy

5. When Darkness Falls

Ruskin Bond is very good at describing the characters of his books. When Darkness Falls is a horror story that gives the reader a thrilling experience. This book is filled with horror short stories with amazing characters. You will love the characters of this book. Buy

6. The Blue Umbrella

The Blue Umbrella is about a girl Binya. She lives an easy life together with her mother & elder brother Vijay or Biju. One fine day she acquires a gorgeous azure umbrella from some picnickers who came at the hills of Garhwal in exchange for her lucky leopard’s claw necklace. The story beautifully revolves around how she gets attached to the umbrella while a shopkeeper named Ram Bharosa eyed thereon & plans to accumulate it somehow. Buy

7. Our Trees Still Grow in Dehra

This book is filled with fourteen short stories that are autobiographical in nature from the author’s childhood. All the stories are set in the hills of Dehradun where the author has spent his childhood. Ruskin bond is the only author who can describe nature in such a beautiful style. Buy

8. Rain in the Mountains

This book is a collection of short stories, essays, and poetry. After reading this you literally feel that you are part of the mountains. In this book which is centered around nature, Ruskin bond tries to explain it in the simplest of words. Rain in the Mountains is one of the most beautiful Ruskin Bond books. Buy

9. A Little Book Of Beauty

If you love reading quotes than this is your book. In the modern world, people are all about hustle and this book reminds you of your roots. This book is a collection of amazing quotes. Buy

10. Maharani

This book is about the story of Maharani of Mastipur. She is a widow of Maharaja of Mastipur. Written in the first person, Ruskin Bond gives a personal touch to this story. Maharani is a beautiful story of an extravagant and amazing Maharani. Buy

11. Angry River

This book is about a brave girl named Sita who stands against an angry river and how she survives when the river gets flooded due to excessive rain. It captivates young readers with its realistic portrayal of characters. One of the best Ruskin bond books. Buy

12. Looking for the Rainbow

From all the Ruskin bond books this one holds a special place in my heart. In this book, Ruskin bond gives us a glimpse of his childhood and the impact his father has left in his life. Everything you read in this book is straight from the author’s heart. This book was released on the 83rd birthday of the Ruskin bond. Buy

13. The Beast with Five Fingers

This book is a collection of horror stories compiled by Ruskin bond which will make your flesh creep. These horror stories are written by masters of these genres like Rudyard Kipling, W.F Harvey, Thomas Burke among others. Buy

14. Tales of Fosterganj

In this book, the author tells the story of a place called Fosterganj which is situated in the foothills of Mussoorie. This book shows the adventure of Hassan who is the main character of the book and adventures he takes on when he visits the remote village of Fosterganj. Buy

15. Love Among The Bookshelves

This book is a collection of short stories handpicked by Ruskin bond which he read in his childhood and which inspired him to be the person he is today. This book is the collection of short stories which Ruskin bond himself loves to read. Buy

16. The India I Love

This book is about the time of 1950 when Ruskin bond was a young man and just started writing and his first book about the experience he had in Dehradun won him a literary award. All with nostalgia and a sense of delightful humor. Buy

17. Ranji the Music Maker

In the middle of his languid holiday, idle young Ranji stumbles upon assorted musical instruments within the storeroom-first a shrill flute, then a blaring little trumpet and, finally, a too-big drum which will have once sounded a battle march. He stages impromptu concerts down the road, not sparing his neighbors, nor the cats around his porch, nor the peace-loving inhabitants of the zoo! But all Ranji’s really seeking maybe a friend who’ll hear the magic in his din. Buy

18. The Perfect Murder

The Perfect Murder is a collection of delectable short stories/ murder mysteries/ dark thrillers by a range of authors, who are the best in the business. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Edgar Allan Poe, Jack Bilbo and our own Ruskin Bond grace the pages. Buy

19. All Roads Lead To Ganga

The writer has captured the timeless beauty and ease of mountain life so well that it makes a refreshing read especially for those caught within the midst of fast urban life.”All Roads cause Ganga” is for all those people that love reading travelogues. Buy

20. The Wind On the Haunted Hill

This book is a horror story. This story is about Usha who is the main character and how she shows great qualities like friendship, courage, and survival. Anyone can read them but kids will especially love this book. Buy

21. A Song Of Many Rivers

The stories during this book flow just like the rivers of the Himalayas. Ruskin Bond weaves emotions, adventures, awe for nature and deep respect for her forces within the easy-to-read stories. The book features a mixture of travelogues, fiction and childhood memoirs. Buy

22. The Cherry Tree

Ruskin bond books bring back childhood. This story he tells about a boy named Rakesh and his grandfather and therefore the whole story of how they grow a Cherrytree. This story teaches us the way to show care and concern. The cherry tree is one of the best books written by Ruskin bond. Buy

23. The Great Train Journies

This book is a collection of thirteen short stories. In this book, Ruskin bond takes you on a journey of the amazing railway stations of small towns of India. The main character of the book is Suraj. This book will take you to the great train journies. Buy

24. A Flight of Pigeons

This story is based on true events. Ruskin bond excellently narrated how a mother protects her child in times of difficulties and suffering and also maintain their dignity together with her cleverness and courage against all odds. Bond had excellently written the narration, the book also shows the qualities and morals like loyalty, kindness, bravery, bonds of friendship and humanity and it causes you to believe that there is no good vs Bad or us vs them when it involves war and aftermath. Buy

25. The Tiger in the Tunnel

This book is a collection of short stories about wildlife and nature hand-picked by Ruskin bond written by amazing writers like Rudyard Kipling, C.A. Kincaid, John Eyton, Hugh Allen, among others. Buy

26. Delhi Is Not Far

This book is about people from a small town of Pipalnagar. This book is about the dreams of small-town people. The characters are very relatable. Ruskin Bond sketches a moving portrait of small-town India with characteristic sympathy and quiet wisdom. If you are soul searching than this book is for you. Buy

27. Time stops at Shamli

This was an easy and delightful collection of short stories set during a big variety of places and revolving around the lives of the spread of various people. The stories are set in both villages and cities. The characters will make you emotional. Buy

28. Children’s Omnibus

Ruskin Bond’s children’s omnibus is a collection of short stories of authors’ best-loved stories. This book consists of the best Ruskin bond classic stories. If you want to introduce your kid to a book than this is the one. Buy

29. A Face In the Dark

This book is a collecton of paranormal activities written by Ruskin bond. In this book all the things like ghost, jinn and witches will feel real to you. This Ruskin bond book is the best collection of stories to have on your bedside if you love reading horror stories. Buy

30. Funny Side Up

A light-hearted and warm book with stories which will certainly bring a smile. The book might not be “laugh out loud” funny, but it certainly has its moments. From the author’s romantic fantasies, his uncle Ken’s trials to a successful career to monkeys and mynas, the readers are given a slice of the authors calm and peaceful yet adventurous life. Buy

31. Susanna’s Seven Husbands

This book contains the story of Susanna and his seven husbands. Susanna has a bad habit of falling in love with the wrong men. There is also a movie based on this Novella ‘Sath khoon Maaf’. One of the best Ruskin bond Books. Buy

32. Vagrants in the Valley

This book is one of the Ruskin bond’s classic. This book is the second part of the novel ‘The Room On the Roof’. You will love reading about the little adventures of Rusty. The story flows so smooth and the journey will make you fall in love with this book. Buy

33. Lone Fox Dancing

Ruskin bond is the master of writing and one of the best author’s of India. Lone fox dancing is the autobiography of the author Ruskin bond. There is so much to read about the authors life and this book is filled with small things you will love to read about your favourite author. If you want know about Ruskin bond than this is the book you should read. Buy

34. Death Under the Deodars

This book is a collection of eight short stories. The character of all the stories are same. All stories mainly revolves around the main female character named Miss Ripley Bean. Death Under the Deodars is a mystery Novel. Buy

35. Dust On The Mountain

This book is a set of amazing, colourful stories that are mostly revolves around a couple of memories. It awes me to see how much detail Ruskin bond puts in each of the elements, taking us back to the time when India was not worried about fortune and future. The story is filled with love, nature and beauty. Buy

36. The Sensualist

The Sensualist talks about the sexual escapades of a coming-of-age boy transversing through his experiences as a grown-up man and someone who loses his sexual appetite after becoming sexually involved with a a certain someone who took charge of his sexual desires and left him feeling drained with nothing more to experience or offer. This book is very different from other books of Ruskin bond. Buy

37. The Hidden Pool

Excellent story of three friends living different lives as individuals but seeing no religious partitions, sharing a close bond of friendship, hunger for adventure, having great hopes while suppressing the pain of parting. A very simple yet heart touching story. Buy

38. Roads to Mussoorie

Roads to Mussoorie is a memorable evocation of a author’s surroundings and the role they have played in his work and life. Ruskin Bond describes his many adventures to, from and around Mussoorie, delving with gusto into the daily scandals of this not so sleepy hill town. The pieces in this collection are characterized by Bond’s incorrigible sense of humour and eye for detail, as well as his enduring affection and nostalgia for the home he has lived in for over forty years. Buy

39. Crazy Times with Uncle Ken

The genre of the book is funny adventure. Ruskin bond shows how uncle Ken lives his life and all his adventures ,will he fall into trouble? This is a very fun book filled with humour. Buy

40. Rusty

Rusty is a very famous fictional character created by Ruskin bond. Rusty is a sixteen year old orphaned boy, born in Dehradun. Ruskin bond created this character to write about his own childhood experiences. Some of the famous novels based around Rusty is The Room on the roof, Rusty runs away, Rusty and the magic mountains, Rusty comes home and many others. Buy

Where To Meet Ruskin Bond

Ruskin Bond lives in Mussoorie and for all his fans every week he visits Cambridge Book store. You can ask anyone where Cambridge book store is in Mussoorie. Ruskin bond visits Cambridge book store on every Saturday from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm. There is always a big line outside the bookstore on Saturday. Ruskin bond signs the books for the fans and also take pictures with everyone.

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