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Nikita Singh is a very well known Indian female writer and novelist. Someone like you and The promise is one of the best Nikita Singh books. She is 28 years old from Ranchi and already written 12 bestselling novels. Nikita Singh novels are very famous among everyone for her unique writing style. She has also been titled as “India’s leading Romance Writer” by HuffPost. This is the list of best Nikita Singh books to read at least once.

10 Best Nikita Singh Books List
| Accidentally In Love | 2011

Nikita Singh accidentally in love is a story about a girl named Chhavi who is a model, made her space in the fashion industry with a lot of struggle. Things get crazy when she comes in an erotic relationship with a boy named Tushar. This book shows that in the end, love always triumphs. BUYNOW

| Love @ Facebook | 2011

This is the first Nikita Singh book. This book is about a love triangle. This book brings us the idea of an online romance between three people on Facebook. One of the best Nikita Singh novel. BUYNOW

| Someone Like You | 2012

Nikita Singh someone like you is the most famous best selling Nikita Singh book. Durjoy Datta is the co-author of this book. This is a love story that revolves around five people and their life’s journey for the right path. The author’s writing style makes this novel very interesting. BUYNOW

| The Promise | 2014

Nikita Singh the promise is a beautiful love story. This book is based around the characters named Shambhavi and Arjun. The promise is such an emotional roller coaster. The promise is the best selling Nikita Singh book. BUYNOW

| After All This Time | 2015

Nikita Singh after all this time is a book about positivity and sorrow. The main character is Lavanya. She is a young girl working at a big position in a good company, she is all about the modern-day frantic life until she is diagnosed with HIV positive. After all, this time is an amazing book by Nikita Singh. BUYNOW

| Like A Love Song | 2016

Nikita Singh like a love song is a simple story with lots of emotions. The main characters of this book are Maahi and Laila. This novel shows us the hardships Maahi goes through to come out successful from his journey and Laila played an important part in this journey of Maahi. Like a love song is about the sort of love that consumes and sears you. BUYNOW

| Every Time It Rains | 2017

This is a good read about love and friendship. This book is an emotional roller coaster that shows us that no matter what you achieve in life it is not easy to solve your emotional tangles. Laila is the main character who fights with her past. One of the best Nikita Singh books. BUYNOW

| Letter To My Ex | 2018

Nikita Singh is known for writing romance novels. In this book, the author poured all her love. Letter to my ex is a love story of Nidhi and Abhay and their relationship from thick and thin. The novel revolves around their love. The story will hold you till the end. BUYNOW

| The Reason Is You | 2019

This book is narrated from a male’s perspective, this book explores the world of depression through main characters Akriti and of Siddhant’s journey in dealing with the person affected by this diseases and the disease itself. It’s an amazing story, which will keep you engaged. BUYNOW

| Your Love Guru | 2020

This is the latest Nikita Singh novel. This novel revolves around three characters Pari, Seema, and Heather. This novel is about friendship and romantic relationships. This book is filled with twists and turn. This book is only available on Storytel.

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If you want to reach Nikita Singh or just want to know her better, follow her on his social media accounts. She is very active on his Instagram and Twitter. These are the social media handles. Nikita Singh Instagram and Nikita Singh Twitter. These are the best Nikita Singh novels list.

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