20 Benefits of Amazon Prime Membership 2019

Amazon is multinational giant. It is the biggest e-commerce website till date. Amazon offers a subscription of Amazon Prime, in the beginning subscription of Amazon prize was all about fast delivery of packages. There are more than 100 Million subscribers of Amazon Prime worldwide because they offer huge benefits and perks for the subscription holders. People know common benefits given by Amazon prime but some of the benefits in this article will surprise you. In this article we will explore all the benefits of Amazon Prime Membership.

If you are already use Amazon Prime tells us in the comments what benefits you didn’t know about and if you don’t use Amazon Prime.

Benefits of Amazon Prime Membership!!!

Exclusive Discounts on products

The whole year Amazon is filled with sales and every time Amazon has a sale only the Amazon Prime members have the access to a select number of the best offers and deals. Free shipping option is always available for all Prime members.

Twitch Prime

Twitch is a heaven for gamers. People can enjoy Twitch stream without any subscription or membership but if you have a Amazon Prime Membership you can have access to some bonus features. One of the benefits of Amazon prime membership is that you can see all the content without any advertisements and some games are made free every month to download.

Early access to sales

Everyone loves the Amazon sales and when Amazon announces a sale every person is waiting for the date so that they can have access to the sales but one of the benefits of Amazon Prime Membership is that you have something called Prime early access which gives you one hour head start or sometimes one day head start on most offers.

Free delivery ( no charges for delivery)

This is not some major benefit of Amazon Prime Membership but it is helpful. If you have a Prime Membership you always have a free shipping option which is amazing when you are on a budget.

Free E-books reading

Amazon Prime subscribers can borrow ebooks, Magazines and comics to read. Every Amazon Prime Member gets one E-book for free every month which you can read on your kindle devices and ios devices. If you want to know where to get cheap E-books read our article about 11 websites to download free

Release date delivery

Are you waiting for that hot new video game, book (yes, we still love print) or movie, or the latest jam from your favorite band? Get it by 7 p.m. the day it’s released, courtesy of Amazon Prime. Choose “release date delivery” when you make your purchase and, hello, Primer, you’re among the first to be checking out something hot and fresh.

Prime Music

Prime Members have the advantage of free access to Amazon music which has a collection of over 2 million songs. Amazon Prime Members can access the music through an Android app or through your computer browser.

Free 1 day or same day shipping

Two day shipping is in past now, it is not considered fast at all. Prime Membership give you the benefit of same day delivery. On selected products you can get one day delivery or same day delivery. It is such an exciting thing for all the e-commerce shoppers.

Gift others

If you’re not at all concerned about gift-wrapping gifts during the holidays or on birthdays and anniversaries, you can fast-gift family and friends via Amazon Prime (and, of course, with free two-day shipping). Add their address to your Amazon address book, shop, and when you’re paying for your cart, choose their address as the default shipping destination. Just remember to change the default address back to your home when shopping for yourself.

In home delivery

Car deliveries when you’re not there are way cheaper than home deliveries when you’re not home. But the latter’s a thing, too. You just have to fork over a couple of hundred bucks to outfit your home with a special Amazon kit that includes a smart lock and an in-home camera to eyeball the delivery. Again with the Amazon Key, you’ll be notified when the delivery is about to be made, and remotely unlock your door. The package is placed just inside your door and you notice this because you’re watching, remotely, through that camera via your mobile device. You’ll spend about $220 (plus installation fees if you’re not comfortable installing the smart lock) for this one-time setup.

Amazon prime day deals

Amazon Prime Members are eligible to participate in Prime day. Which is a yearly event in which all the products of amazon like Amazon kindle, Amazon Fire stick etc are available very cheap. Prime day is the best day to buy these products.

Special offers on Festive sales

Every time Amazon has a special festival sales Amazon Prime Members get a huge discount on products. If you don’t have Prime membership you still get discounts but if have Prime membership you will get heavy discounts and deals.

If you own an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot, your Prime membership allows you to place orders through Alexa, the voice-activated digital assistant. For example, if you just ran out of batteries for your flashlight, say “Alexa, order AA batteries” and a 20-pack of AmazonBasics will arrive on your doorstep two days later. Shipping is free for Prime members, natch, and Alexa is already aware of your Prime status. Say “Alexa, what are your deals?” to learn about special Alexa-only discounts, although I find her voiced descriptions a bit difficult to follow. She does, however, tell some pretty corny jokes, and will sing “Happy Birthday” upon request.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime video streaming service has changed game of entertainment. Amazon has brought in house content giving major competition to Netflix and Hotstar. If you are a Amazon Prime member you can watch hundreds of movies, T.v shows and digital web series. You can binge on your favourite shows all day long.

Free books, Magazines and Audiobooks

You don’t need a public library to get a free loaner when you have Amazon Prime. That’s because the cost of an Amazon Prime membership includes access to a fairly wide collection of thousands of books, magazines and audiobooks nestled in Prime Reading. Prime Reading allows you or your household to borrow up to 10 titles at a time and from a selection of Kindle books, magazines, short works, books with Audible narration, comics, and more. As a bonus, Prime members also get free access to certain podcasts and other audiobooks and series through Audible Channels, a limited version of Audible. You need to download the Audible app and log in with your Prime account to start listening. Otherwise, a subscription to the full version of Audible, owned by Amazon, costs $14.95 a month.

Prime for Students

Just right before sitting in your room and streaming lucifer or Game of thrones between study breaks. here comes Amazon Prime Student. It’s free for the first six months with a legit “.edu” school email address (along with proof you’re actually taking at least one class; maybe not going to class, but taking it). The one-time-only free trial includes free two-day Prime shipping (ramen noodles and Doritos don’t buy themselves), free same-day pickup, unlimited movie streaming and more.

Access to Exclusive Brands

Amazon Elements products, for example, are already available only to Prime members, and the company is rolling out other exclusive private-label brands (as of December, Amazon had 119 private labels and 223 brand partners in the Amazon Exclusives program, according to the brand-research firm Gartner L2). Also unique about Elements: Scan a special code on the product — using your Amazon Shopping app — and you will see where every ingredient in the product was sourced, down to the water in the baby wipes. The Amazon Elements line also includes vitamins and nutritional supplements.

Membership sharing

You can share your Amazon Prime membership with your relatives and your friends. Here’s the catch: Your Prime benefits can be shared with one other adult in a household — as long as you both agree to share your payment methods.

Kindle E-book Rentals

The Kindle Owners’ Lending Library has hundreds of thousands of free Kindle books available directly from Amazon. This is a lending process, so you’ll only be able to borrow the book, not keep it. this is one of the Benefits of Amazon prime member.

Shop from Prime Pantry

Amazon Prime Members get exclusive access to Amazon Prime Now which is Amazon’s grocery store. Amazon Prime now delivers groceries and all types of food items in two hours or as fast as possible. you have a wide variety of brands to shop from.

So these are the benefits of having Amazon Prime Membership.

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