Top 5 upcoming phones of 2018

1.Samsung Galaxy S9+

The Samsung Galaxy S9+ is an extremely powerful smartphone, but unlike the S9, this one’s meant for big screen lovers. It has a 6.2-inch QHD display and Samsung’s AMOLED panels look as good as ever. It carries the same design as the Galaxy S8 and is the most ergonomic big screen smartphone today. To make a long story short, the Samsung Galaxy S9+ is the smartphone to buy if the big screen and attractive looks are your priorities. All this makes the Samsung Galaxy S9+, the best among all the Android mobile phone in India.

2.Google Pixel 2 XL

If pure Android is your OS of choice and money is no bar, the best phone in the market to get is the Google Pixel 2 XL. The Pixel 2 XL may have the same performance as every other flagship Android phone this year, but then Google phone more than makes up for it in the camera department. Both the rear and front-facing cameras are superb. The phone also comes with a guaranteed early update to the next Android OS, as soon as it is available.

3.OnePlus 5T

The OnePlus 6 is without a doubt the fastest Android smartphone on the market today. However, it’s not quite the “flagship killer” that the company has been known for. OnePlus’ dual-camera algorithms aren’t quite a flagship class, but the phone still has a great camera. It’s one of the best Android phones out there, and one that’s meant for people who want a fast Android phone, but don’t care about the peripheral gimmicks.

4.One plus 6t

The ‘Never Settle’ brand OnePlus recently launched its latest flagship phone, the OnePlus 6. And the question on everyone’s minds is, whether it is worth upgrading to, especially if one is already using the OnePlus 5 or OnePlus 5T.

For starters, the OnePlus 6 comes in three RAM/storage variants 6GB/64GB, 8GB/128GB and a limited edition Avengers OnePlus 6 with a massive 8GB/256GB. The models are priced at Rs 34,999, Rs 39,999 and Rs 44,999 respectively.

At these price points, OnePlus 6 is priced just slightly higher than its predecessor, thereby sticking to its motto of providing premium features without burning a hole in the users’ pocket. For the purpose of clarity, the review was done on a regular 8GB/128GB Mirror Black version.

5.HONOR 10

The Honor 10 is a fantastic smartphone, partnering a young, hyper-modern, and eye-catching design with good hardware and an impressive suite of features, including some genuinely impressive AI functions.

The fact that this phone costs just £399 is absolutely nuts, too, especially when you take into account it’s hardware benchmarks that are right up there among those logged by much more expensive handsets.

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