R.I.P legend Stan Lee

The great American writer, editor and film executive Stan Lee is not anymore with us. Stan Lee, the man who created Spiderman, The Avengers, and The Fantastic Four has died. He was 95.

TMZ and other news websites are reporting that the legend is not with us anymore. stan lee died at 95.

The full name of Stan Lee was STANLEY MARTIN LIEBER.  He was formerly editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics, and later its publisher and chairman before leaving the company to become its chairman emeritus, as well as a member of the editorial board. he was born on 28 December 1922.

Stan Lee’s wife died earlier on 6 July 2017 in Los Angeles California, UnitedStates.

According to TMZ social media channel, he was rushed to the hospital this morning.  He was really an amazing person and he was really kind and loved all his fans. he was suffering from some problems from time. Stan Lee will always be in our heart and will always be remembered for his great legacy.

“Stan was a character. He was a character as much as any he ever created,” Rhoades said. “He created himself, in a way.” He also made cameos in most Marvel films, pulling a girl away from falling debris in 2002’s “Spider-Man” and serving as an emcee at a nightclub in 2016’s “Deadpool.” The Walt Disney Co bought Marvel Entertainment in 2009 for $4 billion in a deal to expand Disney’s roster of characters, with the most iconic ones having been Lee’s handiwork.

By that point, Lee had all but parted ways with Marvel after being made a chairman emeritus of the company. But even in his 80s and 90s, Lee was a wellspring of new projects, running a company called POW! Entertainment.

“His greatest legacy will be not only the co-creation of his characters but the way he helped to build the culture that comics have become, which is a pretty significant one,” said Robert Thompson, a pop culture expert at Syracuse University.

Lee was awarded the National Medal of Arts, the highest government award for creative artists.

Stan Lee has done many cameos in Marvel movies.

Stan Lee in Thor Ragnarok

.Stan Lee in Iron man 2

Thank you legend for showing the world what it means to imagine, dream and believe.

R.I.P Stan Lee

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